The Essence

ZIGGI is more than just a brand; it’s a cultural tapestry woven from the threads of urban grit, street art, and roots music. We’re not just resonating with street culture; we’re part of its very fabric. We provide a stage for authentic talent, from local musicians and graffiti artists to reggae legends and Dubtafari pioneers. Authenticity for us isn’t a buzzword; it’s the cornerstone of our identity. ZIGGI is a living, breathing narrative shaped by the people who make us what we are – our users, our collaborators, and our community.


The Legend of Ziggi Man: The Man Behind ZIGGI

The Genesis of the Idea, Making of the Brand

Step back into the early ’90s, when ouf founder Žiga Nahtigal nicked Ziggi, was already a force in the merging worlds of urban cultures. One night, amidst the pulsating beats of reggae and the raw energy of the streets, he and his crew found themselves in a predicament. They were set to roll but hit a wall – no proper filter tips. The usual fix? Tear a piece off anything you can find. But for Ziggi, this was a dissonance in an otherwise harmonious culture. “Why compromise when you can elevate?” he thought. That was the spark – the birth of the ZIGGI brand.

The Birth of the Original Ziggi Tip and the Rise of “Ziggi Man”

In a world that often settles for less, Ziggi Man chose to embark on an extraordinary quest – a journey that was equal parts scientific exploration and cultural homage. Teaming up with the unsung heroes of innovation, the “street engineers”, he dug deep into the essence of what a quality filter tip should be. Insights were harvested not just from labs but also from the pulsating beats of reggae music and the gritty corners of urban landscapes.

After months of relentless pursuit, rigorous testing, and countless prototypes, the Original Ziggi Tip was unveiled. It wasn’t just another product; it was a cultural statement. As people began to lovingly refer to these filter tips as “Ziggies,” Žiga transcended his persona to become Ziggi Man – a symbol, an honorific earned through an unwavering commitment to quality and cultural resonance.

The Culture

The Fusion of Reggae, Rasta, and Urban Culture

For Ziggi Man, the influence of Dubtafari and reggae isn’t a fleeting phase or a marketing strategy; it’s a spiritual pathway. As he journeyed through life, his spiritual compass was calibrated by the resonant chords of reggae music and the teachings of His Imperial Majesty, Haile Selassie – Jah Rastafari. This connection wasn’t just personal; it had historical roots connecting back to his homeland.

Though not immediately apparent, Haile Selassie left an indelible mark on Slovenia, which was then a part of Yugoslavia. The Yugoslavian leader, Tito, found an ally in Haile Selassie, and together, they offered the world an alternative during the Cold War era. They became founding members of the Non-Aligned Movement, advocating for a peaceful path amidst global tension. This historical backdrop adds another layer to Ziggi Man’s connection to the Rastafari movement.

ZIGGI brand isn’t just about crafting quality rolling papers and filter tips; it’s about weaving lifestyles and experiences, about uniting disparate worlds through a common essence. The ZIGGI brand and Ziggi Man don’t just stand for a product; they stand for a lifestyle, a philosophy, and a community that spans across cultural and historical landscapes.