Introducing the Ziggi Extra, born in 2009 and renowned as the Ultimate Rolling Solution (URS). This model seamlessly blends 32 unbleached rolling papers made from virgin pulp, 32 premium filter tips, and a patented design that transforms the packaging into a convenient rolling tray. Prioritizing sustainability and eco-consciousness, these 14 g/m^2 unbleached wood papers offer aficionados the perfect surface to master their rolling craft. Accompanied by top-grade filter tips designed for a smooth, residue-free roll, and crafted in the EU using FSC-certified materials, Ziggi Extra ensures a burn free from additives. Enhanced by natural Arabic Gum from the Acacia Senegal tree, Ziggi Extra stands as a testament to innovative design and top-tier quality in rolling. Experience the ultimate in rolling convenience and quality.

Show Box (SB) 22x
Transport Box for SB 18x = 396x
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