Why Partner with ZIGGI: Transforming Retail, One Roll at a Time

Legacy Brand

Pioneering since 1991, with a commitment to innovation.

Localized Marketing

Customized marketing strategies tailored for your local audience.

Partnership Excellence

Vendor training, ongoing business development support, and logistics services.

Increased Capabilities

State-of-the-art automated production for quick and efficient fulfillment.

Dependable Excellence

Consistent supply with stringent quality control.

Profitable Partnerships

Volume discounts and extensive marketing support.

Beyond Business

Tailored POS strategies, display solutions, and sales personnel incentives

Eco-Conscious and Sustainable

Biodegradable products made with renewable energy

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Want to Know More? “Discover the ZIGGI Journey: From the Streets to Your Shelves and back

A Night Out That Changed Everything

Picture this: It’s the early ’90s. Grunge is king, and the air is thick with the scent of rebellion and freshly sprayed graffiti. Our founder, Ziggi Man, finds himself in a dilemma that many have faced but few have solved. He’s out with his crew, ready to roll, but there’s not a single quality filter tip in sight. They make do with scraps from cigarette packs, but Ziggi Man knows there’s got to be a better way.

And thus, the first flicker of the ZIGGI brand sparked to life.

Not Just Products, But a Lifestyle

Fast forward to today, ZIGGI isn’t just a brand; it’s a culture. A culture that lives on the streets, in the art, in the music—especially reggae and the Rastafari movement—and most importantly, in the people. We’re not just rolling papers; we’re rolling lifestyles. And now, we invite you to roll with us.

Why Distributors Are Our Street Heroes

You, the distributors, are the unsung heroes of our story. You’re the ones making sure that ZIGGI products find their way from our eco-conscious factories in Ljubljana, Slovenia, to the shelves of retailers around the world. You’re not just distributing products; you’re distributing a lifestyle, a vibe, an experience.

What’s in It for You?

  • Maximize Your Margins: With our innovative product lineup and volume discounts, you’re looking at profitability from day one.
  • Street Cred: Aligning with a brand as authentic as ZIGGI elevates your own brand’s street cred.
  • Green Business: Sustainability isn’t a buzzword for us. It’s a way of life.

Ready to Roll?

We don’t believe in transactions; we believe in relationships. So if you’re about authentic connections, quality products, and doing good while doing well, then you’re already part of the ZIGGI family—you just don’t know it yet.

Join us, and let’s make history together. Because in this journey, your success is our priority.

Feel the vibe? Feel the connection? Then don’t wait and contact us now